International Journal Of MedicAL CASE REPORTS 

International Journal Of Medical Case Reports (IJOMCR) is an internationally peer-reviewed medical journal publishing exclusively medical reports from around the globe. It is scheduled to appear online every 3 monthly and serve as a medium for reporting rare medical cases clinicians come across during their work.It is also a medium for dissemination of knowledge about rare clinical cases or rare presentation of not-so-rare medical conditions.

Our emphasis and focus specially is on residents working in various specialities and subspecialities. They are the backbone of any health management system. They are the one who come in first contact of the patients. 

Our journal's aim to stimulate these budding specialists and superspecialists to develop the habit of thinking critically and sharing the knowledge in the form of case reports.

Rare case reports, Not-so-rare but having some learning point case reports are welcome and will be published in " International Journal of Medical case reports" 


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