Case Reports.


  1. Pulmonary Fat Embolism During Positioning of the patient.               Dr Nazima Memon, Dr Pathak  R G
  2. Acquired Urethral Diverticulum In A Neonate- A Rare Case Report                                                 Dr Aniruddha Kulkarni, Dr Md Ashfaque Tinmaswala, Dr Shubhangi Shetkar, Dr Sanket Kasliwal, Dr Amer Momin, Dr. Anjali Gade
  3. Multiple capillary haemangiomas in 4 month old-Glare at the rare    Dr Vikas kapoor, Dr Shalini kapoor, Dr Jiji John,Dr Manish Tiwari.
  4. Haloparidol induced torsades de pointes: A case report                      Dr.Javed Ather Siddiqui,Dr.Shazia Farheen Qureshi,Dr.Ali Mahmoud Eldaous,Dr.Waseem, M Marei
  6. Congenital Hypoplasia of Depressor Angularis Oris Muscle With Atrial Septal Defect: A Rare Case Report                                        Dr Ajeet Gopchade, Dr Chetana Gopchade.
  7. HUNTER SYNDROME (MPS TYPE II) : A RARE CLINICAL ENTITY                    Dr A R Rajan, Dr Vikram Singh, Dr Anupama A Bhave, Dr Manish Saha, Dr Arindam Chatterjee
  8. SELF-ENUCLEATION OF BOTH EYES IN SCHIZOPHRENIA & INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY: A CURSE OR A BLESSING                      Dr Shazia Farheen  Qureshi, Dr. Adel Allaithy,Dr.Javed Ather Siddiqui, DR.Yousef Bin Ahmed Shawosh
  9. Marfans Syndrome: A Diagnostic Dilemma.                                               Dr Pasha A         
  10. Multiple capillary haemangiomas in 4 month old-Glare at the rare.      Dr Vikas kapoor, D Shalini kapoor , Dr Jiji John ,Dr Manish Tiwari
  11. “Automatism” An Interesting Case Report.                                                   Dr.Javed Ather Siddiqui, Dr. Shazia Farheen Qureshi , Dr.Abdullah Al Duraibi
  12. TUMEFACTIVE DEMYELINATION- A LESION MIMICKING INTRACRANIAL TUMOR.                                      Dr Mohammed Ashfaque , Dr Valinjker S.K
  13. Transrectal Ultrasound For The Diagnosis Of Lower Ureteric Calculus                     Dr Amer Momin, Dr Arshiya Khan, Dr Mubashshera Aafreen 
  14. Interesting Images: Angiomyofibroblastoma                   Dr Aniruddha Kulkarni, Dr Md Ashfaque Tinmaswala
  15. HYPONATREMIA & WATER INTOXICATION WITH CARBAMAZEPINE: A RARE CASE REPORT.                                                Dr JavedAther Siddiqui, Dr Shazia farheen Qureshi, Dr Mahmoud Amairi, Dr Abdullah-Al-Zahrani
  16.  Chronic Dissociation Presenting as Dysphonia Plica Ventricularis: An Atypical Presentation                            Dr Pragya Semwal, Dr Shobit Garg
  17. Intussusception In Newborn: A Rare Presentation                                                                                                                                       Dr Nutan Sharma, Dr Vikas Kumar, Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Mani Kant kumar
  18. Antisynthetase Syndrome and its association with Interstitial lung disease:A Clinical And Radiological Overview Naresh Kumar,Bhavya Basetti, Rajoo Ramachandran, Prabhu Radhan,Venkata Sai P.M.
  19. Lower Back Pain- Unusual Manifestation of Testicular malignancy.                                                                                            Dr Ravindra B.N, Dr Anushree
  20. Thyroid Lymphoma- A Case Report.                                                                                                                                                     Dr Pankaj Sharma, Rahul Kumar, Tripti Prajapati, Sakshi Garg
  21. Penetrating Chest Trauma due to High-Velocity Projectile at Workplace                                                                                    Dr Sarah Al Hinnawi , Dr. Ganesh A. Patil