We have come with "International Journal Of Medical Case Reports"  with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge about the rare cases clinicians come across in their daily life. We intend this journal to be a medium of exchanging interesting cases and its management done by various specialists at different hospitals and institutes.

Indexing, Impact factors and all other criteria as specified by MCI may not be fulfilled by this journal. Authors should send case report to IJOMCR with the sole intention of sharing their experience of managing a difficult case. It is neither our claim that this journal fulfills any criteria as laid down by MCI for promotions etc nor it is the purpose of this journal.

Moreover the treatment described in the case reports may not be standard treatment and may be based upon the experience of treating physician or surgeon. We neither approve or disapprove of the investigations and treatment protocol as described in various case reports. As case reports published in this journal is meant for qualified doctors they are expected to use their own descretion while managing similiar patients. This journal in no way endorses any management protocol.

The sole purpose of this journal is sharing of experience. 

It is presumed that all the authors sending there case reports have read disclaimer before sending their case reports to IJOMCR.