The authors sending their case reports should be aware that

1.  The Journal is Online Journal and no Hard copy will be made available to the authors.

2. The authors can download and print PDF of published papers available online.

3. Indexing is a dynamic process and many indexing services index journals for a specific period of time. The journal doesn’t claim to be indexed in indexing services all the time and the author should verify indexing of journal from time time to time and verify the indexing from indexing sites.

4- Similarly impact factor also change with time and journal doesn’t claim to be having any impact factor at all the times.

5- Case reports are not considered for any kind of promotions in medical institute and hence the sole purpose of the authors for sending case report for publication must be sharing of knowledge and not promotions in medical schools.

6- The journal doesn’t endorse any treatment modality as reported by authors and readers are requested not to follow any treatment modality unless is proved by evidence based medicine.