Editorial review process

All manuscripts received are immediatley acknowledged and a confirmation email is sent to corresponding author . In case corresponding author has opted for "acknowledge to all authors" then all the authors will be sent an email regarding reciept of their paper. It will be presumed that the authors have not sent the paper to any other journal complte or part thereof. In case it comes to the knowledge of the editorial board that the same manuscript or part of thereof is sent for or has already been published in any other journal then the concerned paper will be immediately rejected. 

For all practical purposes 1 author is to be appointed as " corresponding author". All the communications subsequent to the acknowledgement will be done only with corresponding author. The corresponding author must be authorised by all the authors . Subsequently all communications regarding the publications will only be done with corresponding author and no communication from other authors will be entertained.
On submission one of the senior editors will review the paper. If found suitable the case report will be sent to one of the leading teaching faculty belonging to the same subject.  The process of peer review will be of double blind nature. The concerned peer reviewer and the author will in no way come to know the identity of each other. This is done to prevent any kind of contact between the author and the peer reviewer. 
After the peer review the paper will once again be reviewed by 1 member of the editorial board who will assign one of the following status to the paper. 
  1. Clarification needed (in case there is any ambiguity) 
  2. Rejected.
  3. Minor Revision Required.
  4. Major Revision Required.
  5. Resubmit with changes.
  6. Accepted.
In case of any ambiguity the corresponding author is required to provide a point by point answer to clear the ambigious statements. The case report will only be considered for review only after the satisfaction of editorial board that no further ambiguity is present in any statement in the paper.  
A proof reading of the manuscripts accepted for publication will be done for grammar, punctuation, font, and format. The manuscript of the paper will be sent to corresponding author for proof reading before final publication. The corresponding author will be given a reasonable time to send back the corrected manuscripts. 

The editorial policy may change from time to time and the same will be communicated to the authors and will also be displayed on website of the journal.

The journal will always remain an open access journal and everybody and anybody will be able to access and download the case reports published in INternational Jouranl Of Medical Case reports.