Instruction to Authors.

International Journal Of Medical Case Reports (IJOMCR) welcomes Case Reports and Case series. The case report for being considered for publication must have

An abstract which should include Introduction, Case Report, and Conclusion. The maximum word count for Abstract should not be more than 300 words .

-Abstract should immediately be followed by 4-5 keywords. These keywords should be relevant and important to the case report.

– Introduction: It should summarize the importance of case report. Specifically why do the authors think it should be reported.

– Case Report: Should describe clinical presentation, signs and symptoms, important investigations, imaging, management and outcome of the patients.

– Discussions: The discussion should concentrate on references from other authors. The relevance of present case report to the similar cases published in literature should be mentioned here.

– Refernces: Maximum 10 references should be present.

Overall total word count for case report should not exceed 2000 words, excluding abstract and references.