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Case Report Submission 

Submission of case report must be original and same case report should not been under consideration of any other journal. The case report is to be sent to The Editor-in-Chief at . While preparing a case report authors are requested to follow the instructions given below 

Font- Times New Roman 

Size - 12

Spacing -double (2.0)

File format - Microsoft word.

The Article must be submitted along with covering letter, contributor & copyright form of the International Journal Of Medical Case Reports. 

Submitted materials will not be returned in any circumstance. The rejected case reported will not be stored and therefore please retain a copy of all materials sent in case it is needed by the author for sending to other journals.

All submissions should be accompanied by the e-mail ID of corresponding author. In case email ID of corrresponding author is not mentioned then the email address which is used to send case report will be considered as email address of the author.

All correspondence regarding the papers will be done with the corresponding author only. All correspondence from the Editorial Board shall be through e-mail only. No other form of communication will be entertained.


Articles submitted to AIMDR shall conform to the Best Practice Guidelines based on COPE’s (Committee on Publication Ethics). For this, kindly go through Publication Ethics.

 Originality: By submitting paper for publication to IJOMCR, Authors (all authors of the article) certify that;Authors are fully aware that plagiarism is illegal & wrong and authors know that plagiarism is the use of another person’s idea or published work and to pretend that it is one’s own. 

Authors will have to declare that each contribution to their article or project have been acknowledged and source of information from other peoples’ published or unpublished works have been cited referenced.

 Author(s) certify that they/you are solely responsible for text of the article and work included in the article along with any incomplete reference.

It is further clarified that international journal of medical case report only publishes case reports and research papers are beyond the scope of this journal hence authors should not send research paper.


Format Of the Case Report To be Submitted to IJOMCR:

General Points Papers should be submitted in journal style.Failure to do so will result in the paper being immediately returned to the author and may lead to significant delays inpublication. 

Spelling may follow British or American usage, but not a mixture of the two. 

Format Papers should be set out as follows, with each section beginning on a separate page: 

 Title page 

 Abstract

  Introduction

 Case Report 

 Discussion

 References

  Captions to illustrations

World Limit : 1500 words (Including abstract but excluding references).



Accuracy of citation is the author’s responsibility. The reference style is given below and conforms to the Vancouver style. Each reference should be assigned a number, consecutively in the order of mention in the text. The original number should be reused each time the same reference is cited in the text. The number should be placed in the text within square brackets [1] as superscript, outside the full-stops and commas and inside colons and semi-colons. When multiple references are cited at a given place in the text, use a hyphen to join the first and last numbers that are inclusive and use commas to separate non-inclusive numbers.[2-5,7,10] The list of references should be given at the end of the paper. Where there are 6 or less authors, list ALL the authors. Where there are more than 6 authors, use et al after mentioning the names of six authors.



Smiti S, Kulkarni NM, Singh J. Case Report: Fibromatosis colli in a neonate. The Indian Journal of Radiology & Imaging. 2010;20(1):45-46. 












In case of any query. Kindly send your query along with email and contact number. Our editorial office will reply as soon as possible.

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