Volume 1 Issue 1 (Sep-Dec 2015) 

 1.Aggressive Keratocyst Odontogenic Tumor: A Rare Case Report. 

 2.Laryngomalacia Presenting With Congenital Inspiratory Stridor

 3.Epidermolysis Bullosa In A Newborn 

 4.Doppler Evaluation of Patency of LR Shunt in Extra-Hepatic Portal Venous Obstruction 

 5.Work up of Fever of Unknown Origin: A case of Adult Onset Still’s Disease

 6.A Huge Hydrosalpinx In A Case Of Chronic PID In A Perimenopausal Woman 

 7.Sturge Weber Syndrome 

 8.Pulmonary Fat Embolism During Positioning Of The Patient 

 9.Multiorgan Dysfunction Following Ingestion Of Fish Gall Bladder 

 10. Forced Alkaline Diuresis In Vasculotoxic Snake Bite. 

 11. Harlequin Baby- Baby- A Case Report 

 Volume 2 Issue 1 (Jan-Mar 2016) 

 1. Multiple Capillary Haemangiomas In 4 Month Old-Glare At The Rare. 

 2. AUTOMATISM"An Interesting case report. 

 3. Tumefactive Demyelination- A lesion mimicking intracranial tumor. 

 4. Self-enucleation of both eyes in achizophrenia & intellectual disability : A curse or a blessing? 

 Volume 2 Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2016) 

 1. Hyponatremia and water intoxication with carbamazepine: A Rare case report. 

 Volume 2 Issue 3 (Jul-Sep 2016) 

 1. Haloperidol induced torsades de Pontis : A Rare case report.

 2. Hunter Syndrome (MPS Type II) : A rare clinical Entity.

 3. Acquired Uretheral diverticulum in Neonate :A Rare Case Report. 

 4. Congenital Hypoplasia of Depressor Angularis Oris Muscle With Atrial Septal Defect: A RareCase Report 

 Volume 2 Issue 4 (Oct-Dec 2016)

 1. Vitamin D in schizophrenia: A clinical Review.

 2. Transrectal Ultrasound for small lower ureteric calculus. 

 3. Angiomyolipoma of Ovary : Imaging. 

 Volume 3 Issue 1 (Jan-Mar 2017) 

 1. Balanitis xerotica Obliterans: Case Report.

 2. Epidemoid cyst exhibiting pseudotesticular pattern on ultrasound imaging. 

 3. Posterior uretheral valve causing recurrent urinary tract infections in an infant. 

 Volume 3 Issue 1 (Jan-Mar 2017) 

 1. Craniocynostosis : A case report. 

 2. Marfans syndrome: Imaging and clinical features. 

 3. Thanatophoric dysplasia : Antenatal diagnosis.

 Volume 3 Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2017)

 1. Actinomycosis of foot : Clinical Features and Diagnosis. 

 2. uretrocaele : A Case Report. 

 3. Hydatid Cyst in Liver: Imaging diagnosis.