Submit Your Radiology Image Case


If You have come across an interesting Image Case, You can submit it along with the images (USG, CT,MR,X-RAY) to us. We will publish it after peer review of the said Image Case .

                                 IJOMCR Image Case Submission Template

Case Title

{For Example : Brown Tumor Of Shaft Of Humerus in a case of primary hyperparathyroidism}

Clinical History

[ 50-75 words; This section should give clinical histroy in short . Final Diagnosis should not be mentioned here]

Imaging Findings

Give Image Here along with its description. The description should not exceed 200 words. Here you can also mention if any other imaging modality can be helpful in same patient 


[max. 500 words,The authors are expected to give at least 5 references in this section]

The discussion can be divided into following parts

  1. Background Here you can write about etiopathogenesis of the disease along with imaging modality of choice. 
  2. Clinical Profile Here you can write about the clinical picture of the patients of the particular disease. This clinical picture may not be necessarily present in your patient but here you need to describe how the patients usually may present. 
  3. Imaging Perspective Here you can write about imaging modalities useful for this diagnosis. What is modality of imaging which is desirable and why along with importance of imaging in this particular patient. 
  4.  Learning Point This is most important. A simple learning point will be helpful for other readers.  

Final Diagnosis

[max 10 words]


Here at least 3-5 references must be included.